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I Am Your Private Tourist Guide and Host To Traditions And Culture Of Bali.

Experience the " Magic " and Feel The " Spirit" Of Rural Bali

Om Swastyastu

greeting from bali

Bali is a feast for the body, mind and spirit. Though relatively small, the island offers the natural beauty of oceans, volcanic mountains and verdant rain forests and rice paddies, as well as the many manifestations of Balinese culture, both ancient and modern, including some extraordinary cuisine. Parts of Bali also sport a vibrant nightlife.


It will be my pleasure to welcome you to Bali. I am Native Balinese,I am proud to be Balinese -born and raised in Bali. Experience in the business: 15 years as driver and tour guide. It will be my pleasure to welcome you to Bali, and I will be happy to share my experience about Bali, Begin your trip from the heart of Bali with me, to explore and discover an experience the most spectacular the beauty of this Bali island, cultural scenic points of interest, real and fun adventure, fascinating place, showing you the secrets, bringing you directly to the root of Bali Hindu culture, I will provide you with a superb and safe travel experienced, knowledgeable and informative. I can assist you in planning the perfect tour for your interests and needs. Let me take you there in style for all of your Bali travel expectations and desires to help you create your ideal holiday...


I will facilitate a heart opening exploration of a way of life & culture that has never lost its sense of spiritual connection. As you discover the beauty of the island's temples, its people & its landscapes; as you are immersed in a culture where awareness of & devotion to Spirit permeates every aspect of life, you may very well experience subtle but powerful shifts in your own awareness & relationship to the Divine/Universe.

It would be my great wishing for bringing you home with a thousand beautiful memories about Bali. Either giving me the true happiness by seeing your smiling faces.



THERE ARE MANY COMPANIES/DRIVERS PRETENDING TO BE Wayan Tours! They are to ripping me off and using my reviews! PLEASE only contact me through Tripadvisor or my website. Make sure the link goes to "", anything else is basically an attempt to leverage my reviews. Sometimes searching on google or other 'search engine' would be confusing your mind.




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The Last Paradise on Earth

Where else in the world can make you feel like you are in Paradise ? Most answer: Bali ! The last Paradise on Earth, where you can live with little expenditure according to your standard (plus having one or more maid, driver, gardener, ...), lovely and religious people around, peoples respect for each other, thousands of temples, the most beautiful beaches, never ending summer, fine restaurants and too much more to list. Even as residents of Bali, we say and feel like everyday is a holiday.


Bali Real and Fun Adventure

Welcome to the great adventure tour of Bali Island which provides many different adventures and activities during your holiday on the Paradise Island. The adventures are very attractive and full of challenges and fun.



I love Bali, I am happy to be Balinese, Bali is a magic, Bali is a spirit, Bali is a paradise island. I can be your host, guide, friend and concierge during your stay on our magnificent island. I hope you will allow me to make your visit as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

There is so much to see and do here, be understanding about what is Bali? Why is Bali?, I can assist you in planning the perfect tour for your interests and needs. Country side is what the most tour that I like it to show you, because we can see the real Bali and the daily life of the lovely people in Bali - more villages, more smiles, fresh, happy and nature. Come to where the heaven is....
Bali’s lush island Eco system, rich cultural heritage & deeply spiritual Hindu population combine to make Bali one of the world’s most enchanting places to visit. The mountains, beaches and rice fields of Bali hold mysteries for all to explore.
Take an inspirational and learning vacation and explore Bali. I offer specialized Bali experiences for small groups of people who want to see Bali from a different perspective. I take you to places where the major tour operators don’t go and we tailor individual programs to your tastes. If you are planning a trip to Bali or are already here, please let me help you experience the Bali that I know and love, let me show you the real Bali..

Bali Interesting Places

Tenganan Village

Tenganan Village

  An ancient village which is home to "Bali Aga" - original and unspoilt Balinese. Beside their unique house compound, they also preserve unusual customs, tradition and practices unseen elsewhere on the island.  

Goa Lawah

Goa Lawah

  Literally means "bat cave", this sacred cave is enshrined and its wall vibrates with thousands of holy bats. When time permiting, visit also traditional "salt maker" in front of the cave, along secluded Kusamba Beach.  

Candidasa Beach

Candidasa Beach

  A peaceful beach resort with beautiful view over some tiny island offshore. Good spot for coffe break.  

Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple

Located at the slope of the highest and sacred Mount Agung, Besakih serves as the most important temple and the pinnacle of the sacred to the balinese of which people count as "Mother Temple" of Bali.  

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Bali's Beautiful View and Life

Photo of beautiful rice terraces and Bali's villagers-life

A Life of Ritual and Devotion

The majority of Balinese practice a form of the Hindu religion which they call Agama Hindu Dharma ("Religion of the Hindu doctrine"). Also called Agama Tirtha ("Religion of the Holy Waters"), it represents a unique amalgamation of foreign Hindu and Buddhist elements that were grafted onto a base of preexisting, indigenous religious customs. Since independence in 1945, the Balinese have become more self-conscious of their religion and have strengthened their religious organization. Ibis has resulted in the establishment of the Satya Hindu Dharma in 1956, and the Parisada Hindu Dharma Bali in 1959. The state philosophy, Pancasila, is also having an impact on Balinese Hinduism as well.

Welcome to Paradise Island - BALI

Bali offers stunning landscapes and dramatic panoramas that never fail to impress. A range of majestic volcanoes stretch along the northern part of the island and the West Bali National Park that covers most of the western part is pure tropical rainforest. The southern lowlands are covered by hundreds of thousands of ricefields that are served by one of the most elaborate and advanced irrigation systems in the world, which makes it possible to grow two or more rice crops a year.

Barong Dance

  Barong is a well known mythological dance in Bali and it is narrating the fight between good and evil. Barong represents the good spirit and Rangda the evil spirit. The Barong is a large lion type creature. A battle ensues and the Barong's followers begin to attack Rangda with their daggers. Rangda, being a witch, is able to use magical powers to turn the daggers against their owners, who fall into a trance and try to stab themselves. The Barong, also having magical powers, protects his followers from harm and Rangda retreats into the forest to rest and prepare for the next battle. The trance of the Barong`s followers is often very real and therefore there is always a priest on hand to revive the dancers with holy water.

Things To Do in Bali

  First timers to Bali may feel overwhelmed by its multitude of offerings, and narrowing down the choice of where to go and what to see may prove to be a difficult task. Bali is just too fascinating, and if you really want to get to know Bali, a week-long itinerary can hardly cover it all.


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